BUTTONS<br> accessories for active people
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accessories for active people

- is you exclusive compact accessory of high quality

Just sit on it, no matter if the surface is wet, dirty, cold or rough and feel the comfort, wherever you are.

It's easy to clean and does not loose color due to sunlight

Share good vibes with your friends, creating prints directly on the website.


The company "BUTTONS" on the market since 2011. During this time wholesale and retail customers were bought
more than 1 125 000 seats in the EU, CIS, USA and other countries.

The strength and durability of products using BUTTONS manufacturing technology is confirmed by patents in the EU, USA, China, Ukraine and Russia.
Before the launch tests were conducted. BUTTONS is three times stronger than ordinary tourist rugs and foams.

We always monitor the quality of products and in any run we do not allow defects. Quick delivery within the agreed time is guaranteed.


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Rectangle BUTTONS Standard


34 x 24 sm
Circle BUTTONS Standard


Ø 31 sm

Health and comfort

Don't forget to take it with you.

Stylish accessory

Be different.

Exclusive gift

Impress a friend, a partner or a client.

Patented technology.

BUTTONS is 3 times mor durable then it's competitors. All rights reserved.


No hazardous substances

BUTTONS meets international quality standards.

Effective advertising bearer

Beautiful, conceptual, durable.

Instant order

We provide an exclusive client service.


Fast manufacture

Just give us 2 days.

Delivery convenience

Cooperation with world leaders in express shipping guarantees prompt delivery of produced items.

Background image
  1. Place BUTTONS under running water
  2. Apply soap to the surface
  3. Clean with a brush
  4. Rinse
  5. Let it dry for 20 minutes
  6. Take it with you

Moisture resist

External impregnation protects BUTTONS from soaking and fluid.

Fade resist

Production technology protects an image from sun fading and detergents when cleaning.


Top layer is a reliable shield protecting the item from physical damage (ice, gravel, etc.)

Cold resist

BUTTONS middle layer is resistant to low temperatures.

Easy to clean

Surface texture prevents all kinds of contamination

— newcomer turned into a trend.


Maxim Karpiy, a founder of Z-Games festival,
and sport/event/marketing agency “Sport Lab”:

«BUTTONS is a fashionable, handy and compact accessory, that thousands of extreme and active recreation fans are familiar with. It’s also an excellent, all-season item for hiking and picnic. BUTTONS level of wear resist over exceeds the specs of regular, cut-of-sleeping pads cushions. Famous brands are pleased to cooperate with BUTTONS, ordering them as gifts for their customers, partners and staff. BUTTONS creative prints do impress with ideas and cheer one up»

Maxim Karpiy
Alexey Durnev
Alexey Durnev, video blogger, author and host of "UFO TV":

«It’s an awesome thing for lazy people as me. If you’re going to the beach or picnic and there’s no plan to be one the goofs, squatting or sitting on logs and bricks – grab some BUTTONS with you!»

Anna Antonenko, project manager of sport/event/marketing agency Sport Lab:

«BUTTONS pads are awesome! They are very handy and fit in a purse. Now you can crash anywhere on your walk! And the main point is – it looks great! Mine is with a dogface! ;))»

Anna Antonenko
Anatoliy Sloyko
Anatoliy Sloyko, an artist and art projects organizer:

«I’ve surely assessed BUTTONS pads been handy and usable in Crimea 2013 conditions, during various fests and open-airs. Also, BUTTONS are pretty esthetical; I would even say erotic in its own way. My piece with a Cheshire Cat print is always hanging over my door, upraising my life tone with it’s smile»

Dmitry Makrushin, pro rider (Virus board wear, Amplid, Dragon, Visitrilla Energy, Anteater, K-LAB free ski Store), free rider, rollerblade skater:

«BUTTONS is a great thing!” It just hangs in my apartment and reminds me about good times with my friends on Bukovel slopes. Visiting to another hike or journey – I take BUTTONS from the wall and set off!»

Dmitry Makrushin
Oleg Silvestrov
Oleg Silvestrov, copywriter:

«I’m not that much into tourism or active sport, and I’ve never definitely considered buying BUTTONS. Until I tried. And let me tell you, BUTTONS is a real deal. No, wait… BUTTONS IS A REAL DEAL! You forget it right after putting on; starting to remember when you take a seat. I sat at the Dnepr river bank or seashore, and then BAM! – and it’s already under my booty. Feeling is so warm and comfy. It is made of a material that warms up from your body heat and then gives it back. Also, BUTTONS keeps your cloths clean – put it on top of your trunks and sit on sand! The pad will hide your cellulites or bigger booty :) BUTTONS is like a super lover: if you don’t have it, its ok, but if you do – that’s a pleasure! Totally recommend! Make your butt happy! »

Stefan Nicolussi, Founder and CEO of Vita GmbH:

«My company is dedicated to building Ski Resorts. Our work up in mountains at all kinds of weather conditions requires professional equipment. "Buttons Sidushki" are regular used in our work to sit down on wet, cold, dirty, rocky surface, just anywhere. It is an important, useful and fun product.»

Stefan Nicolussi
Valentin Yaromenko
Valentin Yaromenko, co-founder of “Mark & Sales” consulting company, owner of “White Sales School”, co-owner of development company “Elyseum” & Ludmila Yaromenko, co-founders of “Mark and Sales”, CEO “White Sales School”:

«My entire family uses BUTTONS for outdoor recreation. Anywhere we go, BUTTONS are always in the car. It is very handy, especially when you have an infant: you attach BUTTONS to him, and can be totally sure that he won’t catch cold when sitting on chilly surfaces. BUTTONS is fun and secure!»

Liliya Mlinarich, founder and president of Jazz Koktebel Festival, ex vice president of “Interpipe” company:

«Hi! I am Jazz Koktebel Festival!” My audience appreciates sea, beaches, music and good mood. And also to feel cozy and comfortable, considering been an open-air, and one of the biggest ones in Ukraine! My team found a great solution – BUTTONS seating pads with our logo and festival style. This year we were presented with gorgeous and fantastic animals by the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Semesiuk. It turned out to be bright and fascinating! A great gift for the good memories that will always come in handy on any trips!»

Liliya Mlinarich

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